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Wood crusher machine used in briquette production

In the process of producing briquettes and charcoal with briquette machine, the wood crusher machine is a necessary and indispensable equipment. The main role of wood crusher machine is to smash the raw materials that can not meet the requirements in the production. The following is a brief introduction of wood crusher machine used in briquette production.

wood crusher machine

Generally, the raw material used in briquette machine production is required to be 5 to 10mm in size. Then, common crusher machine can be used for crushing the raw material. The operating principle of grinding is that the spindle and turbine are driven by the motor to realize high-speed rotation and make the raw material broken and ground, and then through the gaps between the blade and grinding block for regrinding so as to achieve the standard particle size.

In the use of wood crusher machine, the first thing you need to do is to start the machine and make the equipment idle for a few minutes. Check whether the operating voice is unusual and the rotating direction is correct, then put the material for crushing. Once the problem is found, users should stop the machine in time for maintenance. Do not maintain the machine when it is running so as to avoid accidentally injure.

Users need to check the raw material before crushing. There must not be stones and metal foreign bodies in the raw material in order to avoid damage to the machine. If blocking occurs in the process of using wood crusher machine, it is strictly prohibited to put the hand in the machine. Instead, the machine should be stop for checking.

After the crushing is completed, the equipment should be idle for a few minutes and then shutdown, so that the remaining raw materials can be completely discharged, then clean the wood crusher machine and make daily maintenance. We provide all kinds of briquette processing equipment, including briquette machine, drying machine, wood crusher machine, packing machine, etc.

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