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Mechanical properties of wood materials used in briquette machine

When using wood materials of high density to produce briquettes, if briquette machine is used blindly for processing, it can not make use of the high density performance of wood materials, even aggravate the load of briquette machine so that the briquettes produced can not meet the requirement of specifications. Therefore, in order to make better use of the wood materials to produce briquettes, the operator had better know the mechanical properties of wood materials.

wood materials for briquette machine

Since all of the wood materials are organic anisotropic materials, we can know its mechanical properties roughly from its texture and size. For example, when processing wood material in the grain direction, because of its high tensile and compressive strength, the operator must consider whether the motor power of briquette machine can meet the further stamping of wood materials. If it can not meet the requirement of processing, the motor with higher power should be used. Do not pressing forcibly for fear that the motor of briquette machine would overload and damage the stamping parts of the equipment. 

The size of the wood material: when processing materials of different sizes with briquette machine, the contract position of the wood materials should be considered. If the stamping position is not accurate, it is not able to produce briquettes with uniform density and high quality and even influence the final quality of carbonizing furnace.

Therefore, the operator should have an understand of the mechanical properties of wood materials first in the future processing, thus considering the pressure performance standards of briquette machine to make high density wood processing get twice the result with half the effort. If you have any other problems, you can also contact us. As the professional briquette machine manufacturer in China, we are able to provide you with the best equipment and service.

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