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The repair of easily worn parts of briquette machine

What are the most easily worn parts of briquette machine? How to fix them and what’s the requirement of repairing. Customers may confused about the questions above. In the following content, we would tell you the repair method and requirements of the most easily worn parts of briquette machine.

worn parts of briquette machine

The most easily worn parts of the briquette machine are the propeller, the sleeve and the heating coil in the briquette machine.

1. Propeller: the size of the propeller in the briquette machine must be suitable, and only the proper propeller can be used to crush the material. The propeller need to be repaired if there are spots in it and the ends are small. When repairing the propeller, users should use the wear-resistant electrode with the diameter of 5.0 or above. After natural cooling, the surface should be polished until it is smooth.
2. Sleeve: the degree of sleeve wear is much less than the propeller when it is working. The service life of good sleeve can up to 3,000 hours. Periodically check the degree of wear, and repair the sleeve in time once rust spots are found. If there is a large pit, you should consider replacing the sleeve. Otherwise, the briquettes produced would be in poor quality. The size of sleeve must be reasonable and durable.
3. The heating coil: there are three heating coils above the sleeve. It is mainly used to control the temperature of the sleeve. The temperature of briquette machine should achieve 260-300 degrees. High quality briquettes can not be produced if the temperature is higher or lower. If the current is too large or unstable, the heating coil can not work normally, which would also affect the service life of heating coil.

Above are the repair requirements of worn parts of briquette machine. If you have any other questions about the operation of briquette machine, welcome to contact us and get more information of the product.

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