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Biofuel briquette machine

Biofuel is a kind of new renewable fuel, it mainly produced from the biomass material. Solid biofuel is a wide field and includes woody biomass (chips, firewood, wood pellets, briquettes), herbaceous biomass (straw, grass, miscanthus etc, fruit biomass (olive stones, cherry pits, grape waste, nut shells etc), as well as a group called blends and mixture. There are many ways we produce biofuel briquette from the machinery equipment. The most important is the biofuel briquette machine.

ZBJ-ZT Briquette Machine ZBJ-LX Briquette Machine

In Ecosystem, biomass is the biological matter of all living creatures and refers to our newest source of renewable energy. Biomass briquette plant is a plant for the better future through biomass feedstock can recycle and convert them into Environment friendly solid bio fuel. Today, bio fuel is an emerging fuel for present era because shortage of fuels. Fossil fuels are polluting the environment and spreading green house gas and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere So people are switching from fossil fuels to Eco friendly “BIOFUEL “ to preserve our green environment.

Bio fuel is an Environment Friendly fuel made from biomass and Agriculture residues with the help of briquetting plant system. It is made from completely recycled materials and does not harm the environment when burns. It has almost no sulfur or mercury in it, so it cannot pollute environment and create green house gases. Bio fuel is not only good for the environment, but it is a lot cheaper than traditional fossil fuels to create electricity. Fossil fuels are disturbing the environment cycle and nearer to finis. So the need of bio fuel is growing day by day as it is infinite source of renewable energy.
Biomass briquette plant project is the recycling project through you can convert agriculture waste into solid bio fuel without harming environment. All type of Agro forestry waste like bagasse, almond shells, groundnut shells, jute waste, cotton stalk, rice husk, tea husk, saw dust, wheat husk, forestry leaves, coir pith etc… are gathered and compressed under high mechanical pressure into briquetting press machine to produce high energetic biomass briquettes without using any type of chemical in the bio fuel making process. Bio fuel briquettes are also known as ‘White Coal’ because it does not pollute when burns.

 The advantages of biofuel briquette machine includes: 
  • Eco friendly and Renewable Energy Fuel
  •  Economical and cheaper than fossil fuels
  • They are chemical free and does not pollute when burns.
  • The calorific value of briquettes can be as high as up to 4000 kcal/kg.
  •  The ash content produced after burning the bio fuel briquettes is not more than 15% and there are no harmful gases (such as sulphur and mercury) released. This makes it clean, green and efficient bio fuel.
  •  One more good thing of biomass briquettes is that it does not soak too much moisture: the moisture level is less than 8%. This unique feature makes it easy to transport even in damp conditions.
  • The efficiency of boilers is as high as 70% with the use of this bio fuel.
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