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Briquetting machine in China

Following with the development of economic, more and more people come to realize the importance of air pollution and carbon emission. People’s healthy and living condition greatly concerned with the air condition. In china, we comes through the unexpected bad whether condition ever before, everyone in china has the experience of frog and hazy. Actually, this is the result of only strengthening the economy development, but neglect of environmental protection. In the developed country, they have realized the importance of air pollution from long time ago. This is the reason why some many western countries take effects to research and develop the green fuel industry to replace of the heavy pollution fuel like coal and gas. Biomass fuel is generated under this kind of condition. Until now, more and more western family clines to use pellet for room heating system. Some of them even make briquette or pellet by their own pellet mill or briquette machine. It is a popular trend in UAS or in EU. For the commercial application of briquette or pellet, they can be used in the power generation for power generation, which changed the traditional way of coal burning with heavy air pollution. Then what we should do to cope with this new trend for energy?
ZBJ-LX Briquette MachineBriquettes
Actually, pellet or briquette is not a new thing in china. Form long time ago, we have generated the marsh gas for cooking or home heating in urban area in china. As we all known, china is a big agriculture country, there are a great number of crops residues or straw for each harvest season. Just burning them in the field not only waste the material for biomass energy, but also cause the air pollution. Briquetting and pelletizing is a good treatment for the waster materials. When talking about the briquetting technology, the first thing we should consider is the machine for making biomass fuel. Through our country have developed and research the machine for a certain period of time, we still lie in a backward statement comparing with other country internationally. Considering the issue of location, production cost and investment, our briquette machine or pellet mill is economic and worthy investment for your green industry production. You can use a small amount of money to start the production without worrying about the economic issues. So, it is not wise to buy an expensive briquette machine for green hand producers.  Now, our machine has been exported to many foreign countries. Boasting with high quality, low price and good service, our products have been approved by our clients.
KMEC of He Nan province is a professional producer for briquette machine or pellet mill. We have engaged in this industry for tens of years, accumulating rich experience for production. We can product different types of briquette machine and pellet machine etc. Our machine has the feature of low cost, high efficiency, less noise, less energy consumption and durable. Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question to our products.   


ZBJ-ZT Briquette Machine
ZBJ-ZT series briquette machine is one of the most popular products of our company in 2014. It uses automatic temperature control system to adjust the moisture content of raw materials with the features of reliable quality and easy operation.
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