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Briquette Charcoal Market

Across the whole country, briquette charcoal since the Reform and Opening up Policy was released has been developed incessantly. Because charcoal can be used as ingredient, additive or molten solvent in extensive fields of activated charcoal, carborundum, silicon refining, carbon disulfide, explosive, mosquito-repellent incense manufacturing, thermal insulating material as well as agriculture, forage and fodder, catering and domestic heating and other related industries. The application of briquette charcoal has been preferentially expanded, with its price soaring as well. Even shortage of supply occurs across some regions.

In China, strict mandate and decrees have been issued and carried out on the one hand and central government of China on the other clamps down upon illegal lumbering and combustion of wood-turned charcoal in the open air. Therefore, Chinese market at a time fell short of briquette charcoal which on the contrary is popular with Chinese people. In consecutive 2003 and 2004, China General Administration of Customs released prohibitions upon export of wood-turned charcoal with external diameter of up to 4cm and length of over 10cm but gave green light to international trades of briquette charcoal and biomass briquettes.

The advantages of briquette charcoal compared to wood-turned charcoal include higher carbon content and thermal value yet lower volatile matter emissions, with combustion time 3 or 4 times longer than that of the latter. Besides, briquette charcoal also boasts smokeless and smell-free feature. In the wake of bow-down of wood-turned charcoal across the worldwide market, briquette charcoal will user in the spring of development.

Kingman briquette machine and charcoal machine will make better contributions to the development of biomass energy in the arena of worldwide energy market.
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