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Assessment of briquetting plant and charcoal plant Investment

Assessment of investment in briquetting plant and charcoal plant

We all know investment risks are inevitable in all walks of life, however, we still need to value risky possibilities to lower it in this regard. Therefore, clients need to get to know briquette and charcoal industry comprehensively. Biomass material like saw shavings and agro straw can be made into briquettes and charcoal without input of additives due to the content of lignin existing in cells of material. Proper temperature (generally around 200-300 degrees Celsius) will promote softening and liquefying of lignin to reinforce cohesiveness between lignin and cellulose under the condition of super high pressure and temperature, from which the technology of solidification took shape. In the wake of increasing demands for charcoal, forest and wood resources supply face up to bigger pressure due to the cycle of forest growth.

There are several factors that we need to consider when we talk about the cost for biomass briquette plant or bimass briquette machine. Of course, the money for the briquette machine is the most important part during the production. If it is a complete production line, you have to spend more moeny on the expense for equipment. The second is the collection of raw material. People would say that the waste material is cheap in the field, but collecting, storage and transportaion is a big issue for the biomass briquetting process. If we pay less attention to the whole process, it may affect the briquetting process and the finished products. Rainy season may increase the moisture content of the material, which are bad for the whole process. In addition, the energy consumption during the prodcution is a factor that we should consider. It should keep balance between the energy output with energy input.  Then, the necessary mantaining of the machine is the ensurance to the noraml operation of the briqutte machine. The easy-wearing parts requires to be replaced by new parts regularly which is a big investment for  a long period of time. 


Hence, governments all over the world gradually come to realize that importance of biomass briquettes and briquette charcoal replacing wood-turned charcoal or direct combustion of woods. The encouragement of governments in developing briquetting plants and charcoal plants actually does catalyze the progress and breakthrough in the equipment. Since then, biomass waste such as sawdust, saw shavings, rice husk, straw, grain stalks, bagasse, Palm EFB and others can be made full use of and biofuel accounts for more shares within worldwide energy and fuel market. Apart from that, more job offers can be created accordingly. Biomass briquettes and briquette charcoal can be used directly on the one hand and by-products made from them like wood tar and wood vinegar, or called pyroligneous acid will provide more turnover for your business.
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