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How to deal with dust in the production of briquettes and charcoal?

Although the production of briquettes and charcoal are smoke-free and environment protection products, the production process is not very environmentally friendly. Generally, four equipment are mainly used in the production of charcoal, they are carbonizing furnace, wood crusher machine, sawdust briquette machine and dryer. Apart from the briquette machine and dryer, carbonizing furnace and wood crusher machine have some environmental pollution in the process of operation. The pollution of the crusher is mainly shown in the dust pollution of material. The pollution may aggravate PM2.5 in the air to a certain extent and also affect the respiratory health of the operators.

dust removing method in sawdust briquette machine production

Apart from sawdust, other kinds of raw materials would produce dust in the process of crushing before making briquettes with sawdust briquette machine. The dust produced in the production of briquette machine can not be neglected. When the raw materials are been crushed to a certain extent, the accumulated dust in the production environment would affect the vision of operators, and once the vision is interfered, the operator can not accurately verify the granularity of raw materials in the production, and would also affect other operation process of sawdust briquette machine.

Often when the above situation appears, in most cases users didn't use the matching dust remover of sawdust briquette machine for the production equipment. In the following content, we would offer you two ways of solution for the dust in the production of briquettes on the spot:

1. Add right amount water to the raw material: small amount of water can be added to the raw material before being processed with the wood crusher machine, which can greatly reduce the dust produced by crushing of raw materials, but we must also remember that drying treatment of the raw material should be made again after crushing, otherwise the moisture content of raw material would be too large, which would also affect the quality of briquettes produced by sawdust briquette machine.

2. Use the dust cover: the wood crusher machine can be wrapped with a layer of transparent dust cover, which can isolate the dust into the operating environment of briquette machine, also won't affect the vision of the production personnel.

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