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Peanut Shell Briquette Press

Peanut shell briquette press

Peanut is a kind of profit plant which has been wide grown in china. After harvesting season of peanut or after varied method of process of penaut, the shells are abonded normaly for a very long period of time. Until recently, the peanut briquetting technology give a new solution to this problem. The wasted peanut shell can be used to make briquette as fuel for heating. The desification tehcnology bring more profit to the peanut industry.china is one of the biggest country for peanut consumption. Every year, the peanut consumption in china is a large figure. Consequently, a peanut industry chain are needed urgently. In the past, the peanut shell are just abondend as waste material. As the development of briquetting technology, the professional peanut shell briquette press has emerged to deal with the peanut. Just like other crop straw or any other biomass plant, the peanut shell briquette press is a good news for the peanut growing farmer. They can get another economic benifit from growing peanut. of courese, the peanut industry need a series of processing equipment, fron shelling machine, to briquette machine.  
Peanuts, also called groundnuts, ground-peas, earthnuts and manila-nut are the pea-like fruit form the plant, which is part of the bean family. The chemical composition of peanut shells is 8.2% protein, 28.8% lignin, 37.0% cellulose and 2.5% carbohydrate. Different variety of peanut almost has the same type of compositions which has no effect to the burning of peanut shell briquette.The peanut shell briquette presses, as a kind of upgraded briquette press, feature elegant appearance and rapid speed of production to extrude high-density briquette fuel and the briquette machines can also pave a way for briquette carbonization with charcoal machine.

Varying the briquette size influences the drying time, burning rate and how often the user must feed the fire. The size of the extruded briquette resulted in longer drying time.  Processing the peanut shells through the nut Sheller gave us peanut shell particles ranging from fine particles. Research has found that density, durability and combustion efficiency increased with decreasing particle size. Density is increased because particles full in the gaps between the large particles, which would otherwise be air pockets. But there is still debate whether fine grain size decreases the combustion efficiency. The large distribution of particle size we used for our briquettes allows for a fairly dense briquette while maintaining enough porosity to promote drying and burning. The looseness and transportability of the briquette are two qualities that are closely related. A very durably briquette would survive transportability for beyond the place of purchase. 

Actually, Kingman briquette press can take a variety of material as feedstock such as grain straw and stalks, sawdust, saw shavings, tree branches and twigs, rice husk, bamboo offcut, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, bagasse, wine dreg, furfural residue, corn cobs, coconut shell and coffee shell. Those materials can be made into biomass briquettes after being crushed. Under the high temperature and high pressure circumstances, material will be easily squeezed into briquettes. We can also offer charcoal machines to carbonize briquettes. Both the briquette press and briquette charcoal machine are characterized by green production without any additives or mixed with any harmful chemicals.

Within pretreatment of raw material, moisture content shall be controlled roughly 8%-15% which varies from one type of material to another accordingly. In the process of carbonization, briquettes will the combusted in high temperature, purified and abated of smoke in a bid to produce smoke-free, tasteless and nontoxic green biomass energy---charcoal.
Therefore, peanut shell briquette press has become prevailing in production of briquette fuel and charcoal. The briquette market in a worldwide range ushers in a new round of revolution. The best peanut shell briquette press manufacturer is Kingman. We are the best briquette machine manufacturer of China.
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