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The Development of Biofuel in China

According to the policies released by National Energy Administration, strategic target of developing biomass energy and fuel has been fixed, including the following steps:
Regarding the goal of reaching at least 10% of supplementary fuel has been successfully achieved in 2010, we will do our utmost to move the proportion of biofuel to 15% about 2020, about 25% in 2030 and 40% around 2050, respectively.

As for the commonly concerned biomass energy and fuel, it is widely acknowledged that biofuel technology regarding biomass power generation, biogas production, liquid biofuel, solid biomass fuel has been made huge progress. And the four types of biomass energy accounts for a major part within the renewable energy structure. The power generation capacity from biomass has reached 3 million KWH, taking straw and stalks and other agro residue as feedstock. The ongoing constructed projects hit 100 except another 20 having been running smoothly this year.

However, the challenges stemming from the biomass utilization shall be paid attention, such as uneven raw material distribution and high-cost material collection. Every cloud has a sliver lining. We have to say the biomass fuel sector does possess a huge potential. The conventionally wasted straw and stalks after harvest can be efficiently recycled fully. The priority is to have more people realize the profound meanings of utilization of biomass material. Besides, we can tell the scale of development and utilization of biomass has been enlarged impressively.

Actually, the material for biomass briquette is exising, but it has big difficience between different seasons. For the harveat season, you may found a great large of material in the field. If you wang to take good advantages of these material, it has to develop a indunstry chian like how to store these material in the non harvest season and the transportation. Another important factor is the moisture content. If the dry material are not properly storaged at windy or rainy season, it is disadvantageous to  the briquetting technology. If necessary, the drying process which use drying machine may increase the production cost. For the briquetting technology, there are many manufactures seperated all over the country, the demestic manufacture has absorbed foreign advanced technology and has development our own machine. It has achieved good resoult currently. China is big agriculture country, we have abound of biomass material. Now, the most important factor which restricted the development of biomass industry is to connect wiht the two factor to make it real produciton capacity. Along with the development, we believe that the briquette industry is become more and more bright in China.  
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