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Use the charcoal for heating in winter

How to get warm has become the most realistic problem in the cold winter. Then, what is the most economical and practical way for heating? Using the charcoal is the best choice. Due to its features of smokeless, tasteless and low price, charcoal produced by biomass briquette machine is often used for heating, barbecue and hotpot and it gets more and more popular because of its high calorific value and long burning time. There are numerous holes in the charcoal, and these holes have the ability to absorb all kinds of substances, thus it can be used as the dehumidifier. Charcoal can absorb moisture in damp climates and release the absorbed moisture when it is dry , so that it can play a good role in regulating the humidity.

biomass briquette machine and charcoal

In addition, charcoal can also eliminate the smell and harmful substances in the room. The porosity of charcoal can not only keep the needed moisture of the root, but also improve the soil permeability and drainage to provide good living space for the microorganism of the plant. Mixing 5 to 10 percent of charcoal in the potting soil of flowers and trees can provide plants with a healthy growth environment. The garden trees, however, are more resistant to pests and diseases.

Nowadays, the concept of decoration are starting to pay attention to environmental protection, nature, health and human nature. Flourishing bonsai can be grew by ornamental charcoal and a pinch of soil. Besides, charcoal can help to preserve food and it can be used as deodorant in the fridge.

Biomass briquette machine is an essential equipment in the production of charcoal. The quality of straw briquettes produced by biomass briquette machine has great influence on the quality of charcoal. Thus, special attention should be paid in the production of biomass briquette machine. As professional briquette machine manufacturer in China, our biomass briquette machine for sale is of high quality and high working efficiency. Users can contact us by emails to get more information about our equipment.

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