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Biomass briquette machine produces no environmental pollution in the production

First of all, no waste residue is produced. There is no chemical additives in the process of charcoal production. The raw materials are used crops straw waste, trees, etc. Therefore, it does not produce any waste in the production of biomass briquette machine. Even a small amount of waste can be recycled to create benefits.

biomass briquette machine

Second, waste liquid would not be produced. It does not need to add any water in the production process with biomass briquette machine. Instead, the drying equipment is used to reduce the moisture content of raw material. Thus, it won't produce any pollution to water when burning, and there no waste liquid as well. Compared with the original production process of activated carbon, which requires a large amount of water to be activated and rinsed, the production of charcoal is needed for development.

Finally, no waste gas would be produced. The gas produced in each production process is composed of water vapor and combustible gas (which can be recycled as fuel), so it won't cause any pollution to the air in the process of charcoal production. (Get to know how to make activated charcoal from charcoal.)
Compared with ordinary charcoal, charcoal produced by biomass briquette machine has the features of environmentally friendly, high-energy, clean and hygienic and so on. Details are as follows:
1. Environmental protection: it is produced by bamboo and wood products waste, which can turn the waste into treasure. While the production of ordinary charcoal need to cut down trees and destroy the ecological environment.
2. High energy: the fixed carbon content is about 80% and calorific value is 7500-8000kcal/kg, and the fixed carbon content of ordinary charcoal is low with calorific value of 6500kcal/kg.
3. Clean: there is no smoke, spark or residual ash when burning. The ash content is no more than 3% or 6% after burning.
4. Regular shape, reasonable structure, easy to use: charcoal produced by briquette machine has uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, good for combustion and use.
5. Low water content within 5%: ordinary charcoal has a large amount of water.
6. The product contains no chemical substance, nontoxic, odorless, pollution-free and long burning time.

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