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Biomass Briquettes Made From Crushed Carton

Biomass briquettes are made from agricultural waster and are a replacement for fossil fuel such as oil or coal, and can be sued to heat boiler in manufacturing plants, and also have application in developing countries. Biomass briquettes are a renewable source of energy and avoid fossil carbon to the atmosphere. A number of companies in China have switched from furnace oil to biomass briquettes to save cost on boiler fuels.  Use of biomass briquettes can easy carbon credits for reducing emissions in the atmosphere. Paer briquette is very popular recently. 

If you have paper waste or carton waste, why not collect them and produce briquette fuel from them. Now KMEC can help you to turn the so-called waste of carton and paper material into biofuel briquettes.

KMEC is capable of offering paper-turned and carton-turned briquette and charcoal production line including paper or carton crusher, dryer, conveyer, paper and carton briquette machine and charcoal machine and packaging machine, in a bid to help you turn carton or paper material into briquette fuel or charcoal in a systematic manner. KMEC carton briquette machine adopts advanced biomass pressing technique featuring low energy input, high yield and low costs on maintenance. During the work of briquetting, the paper briquette machine just produce quite low sound, much better compared with other commonly used briquetting machines.

The carton briquettes as shown in the picture above are made by KMEC hydraulic briquette press.
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Newly Designed Briquette Presses and Charcoal Machines
Weed tree, miscellaneous tree and so on, do you have material like those? Do you have the intention of turning the waste into bonanza for you? Of course your idea can be put into practice and your lucrative business expectations can be realized now with Kingman briquette presses and charcoal machines. 

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