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The Prospect of Briquette Machine

The prospect of briquette machines

The issue concerns an overwhelming majority of clients who are going to purchase briquette machine or start up a briquette plant. As we all know, injunctions and regulations upon arbitrary lumbering and open-air stalk burning have been carried out stringently in so many regions and countries. Also across China, almost all provinces and areas have had local decrees released upon the ban of aforesaid problems and ceasing to a large extent earthen kiln use in the open air in a bid to reduce circulation and market of conventional charcoal which does possesses quite a few disadvantages.

The overall biomass briquetting process from production to end-use offers solution to the disposal of harmful waste, results in a cheaper form of energy, creates new employment /business opportunities and also very eco-friendly. Along with the development of briquette machine, more agricultural wastes are made into briquettes as fuel to alleviate the energy crisis. From the point of views of environment issues, it is a win-win solution. China is a big agriculture country with large amount of resources for making briquette. Just as the pelletizing technology, the government has given policy support to this green renewable energy, as well as the strengthening of environmental awareness, people have more choices from electricity, gas, oil and other forms of energy. Briquette is bound to be the most important energy in the long run due to its low cost and high thermal value. In other developing countries like Jamaica, people keep a tradition of hand make coal briquette for cooking or home heating. During recent years, more and more mechanical equipment have been introduced to this region to promote the development of the briquetting industry. More and more people begin to engage in this business. The whole world is going to welcome a new year for the development of briquetting machine. 

Wood Briquette Machine

However, in stark contrast, the fields of industry and agriculture, environment protection, smelting, household use and so forth push up the demands for charcoal gradually, which leave a gap between the supply and demand, and the shortage can only be made up for by the development of machine-made charcoal, namely, briquette machine and carbonizing kiln. Therefore, briquette machines or briquette plants have been appealed to dramatically.

Statistically, taking China as an example, restoration of industrial silicon has to be done with annual demands of charcoal above 5 million tons. Catering such as hot pot and BBQ also guzzles down more than 2 million tons of charcoal. Plus about 500,000 tons are snatched by overseas market. Besides, organic fertilizer production also resorts to charred briquettes increasingly. In the process of energy structure transformation, briquette machines do play an irreplaceable role.

The advantages of biomass briquetting are by no means limited to its use in modern industrial plants or solid fuel boilers. Indeed, in developing countries a far bigger percentage of the population cover their energy needs with biomass alone, where their primary need is for heat energy for cooking and heating. International development cooperation has accordingly long been focussed on improving the basic energy supply in many countries around the world. It is notable that biomass briquettes have played a bigger part in many projects over recent years, such as those for distributing better stove technologies, for example. As the main equipment for producing biomass briquettes, there is no doubt that the demand for briquette machine would be growing with time goes by.


Straw briquette machine
Corn is a kind of widely planted crop in many countries. The briquetting of straw as bio-fuel and feed presents a new approach to the sustainable development of straw resources. Straw briquette machine refers to the special equipment which compresses biomass materials like straw into efficient, environment friendly fuel or fodder.

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