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How should the charcoal production of each output be configured?

As we know, the main four devices in the production of charcoal are the crusher, the dryer, the briquette machine and the carbonizing furnace. The four kinds of equipment have a variety of models and the output of each type of equipment are different. Thus, we need to configure the equipment according to the actual situation of the customer and different requirements of each customer. The following is a brief description of the equipment configuration of various production of the charcoal production equipment. Below we would give a brief description of the equipment configuration of the output of one ton, two tons and ten tons.

briquette machine configuration
The charcoal production equipment configuration with daily output of one ton is as follows:
One set of mall crusher machine, one set of small dryer, one small scale briquette machine, one small carbonizing furnace.
The charcoal production equipment with daily output of two tons is configured as follows:
One set of medium sized crusher machine, one set of medium - sized dryer, one set of medium - sized briquette machine and two sets of small carbonizing furnace.
The charcoal production equipment configuration with daily output of ten tons is as follows:
Ten sets of large crusher machines, one set of large drum dryer, five large briquette machines, and a group of smoke free carbonizing furnace. In order to save labor and improve the production, the production with daily output of 10 tons is suggested to be equipped with automatic briquette production line. In addition to the main equipment, the vibrating screen, conveyor, cooling machine and packing machine should also be equipped. Each equipment is connected by the conveyor, which can save labor feeding. The cooling machine can be used to cool the finished product, which saves the space and time, and use the packaging machine for quickly packing so that the next round of production can be carried out.
In fact, the configuration of equipment is changing due to the influence of the raw materials and the area of the plant. Customers can contact us at any time if you are interested in our briquette machine and other equipment, and we can configure the equipment according to the specific requirements and situations.

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