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Reasonable selection of feeding parameters of briquette machine

The amount of raw material feeding is one of the main factors influencing the production efficiency and quality of briquette machine. Feeding blindly in the absence of any calculation basis of briquette machine would not only exacerbate the wear of briquette machine parts, but also lead to the production accidents.

feeding of briquette machine

For example, in the production of briquettes with briquette machine, if the feeding diameter of briquette machine is 5mm or less and the storage area of the feed bin can only store 25kg raw materials at a time. In this condition, if the feed amount of raw materials is less than 25kg at a time, then it is unable to play the best production performance of briquette machine, that is the largest amount raw material processing production. On the contrary, if the feeding amount of raw material into briquette machine is more than 25kg, then the raw material can't be fed into the feed port with the diameter of 5mm or less easily. Feeding forcefully would not only damage the safety pad of the feed bin of briquette machine, but also may cause expanding of raw material in the warehouse that may hurt the eyes of workers in the production and lead to personal injury. Therefore, in the choice of feed parameters of briquette machine in the production, we should first determine whether the feed amount is within the scope of safe production of briquette machine. Take it as the foundation for the production and further satisfy the maximum production capacity of the briquette machine.

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