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Selection and instructions of the forming sleeve of briquette machine

The forming sleeve is one of the main parts of briquette machine. Forming sleeve of different sizes determine the different processing specifications of charcoal products. Under normal circumstances, the choice of the specifications of the forming sleeve of briquette machine is determined by the packing size of the finished product. The following are the forming sleeve of three kinds of specifications:

forming sleeve of briquette machine
1. The quadrangle forming sleeve (square): The forming sleeve is produced with high-quality steel with the height of 45cm and width of 10cm. The finished product of briquette machine equipped with the model of forming sleeve has specifications of square. The square specification charcoal products is conducive to packing and its stability is extremely good. The only insufficient one is that the packing space is relatively dense and the packing cost is higher.
2. The hexagonal forming sleeve: The forming sleeve is made of special high-quality steel with the height of 50cm and width of 15cm. Charcoal products produced by briquette machine equipped with the model of forming sleeve have hexagonal specifications. The specifications of hexagonal charcoal products have unique multangular advantages, and the packing takes up less space with strong robustness. The angular aesthetic process also sought after by most charcoal users.
3. The circular forming sleeve: The forming sleeve is made of high quality steel with the height of 48cm and circle diameter of 12cm. Charcoal produced by briquette machine equipped with the model of forming sleeve has circular specifications. Although the packing space of circular specification charcoal is very small, its stability of packing is poor. Users using the model of forming sleeve should pay attention to the shockproof measures after packing of the finished product to avoid gravity extrusion and friction of the finished products of sawdust briquette machine.

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