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Differences between machine-made charcoal and ordinary charcoal

Machine-made charcoal is made from straw, sawdust, wood shavings, rice husk, corncob, twigs and various kind of combustible plant materials. The main differences between machine-made charcoal and ordinary charcoal include:

Machine-made Charcoal Charcoal
1. Machine-made charcoal adopt the agro-waste as the raw materials to produce, and it has no destruction to the trees and circumstances; ordinary charcoal made from burned wood directly. It not only requires cutting plenty of trees, but also brings a large amount of wastes to pollute the environment during the burning process.
2. The carbon content of charcoal is about 80% and the calorific value is 7500-8000kcal/kg, while the calorific value of ordinary charcoal is about 6500kcal/kg with less heat energy.
3. The charcoal is easy to burn and has no smoke, carbon fire head and spark during burning process. The burning ashes fall down naturally without floating. There is about 3-6% aches after burning process.
4. The charcoal has the features of regular shapes and proper structures, uniform of length and size, with or without hollow in the center part and easy to be burn and used.
5. Moisture content of machine-made charcoal is less than 5% while the ordinary charcoal has high degree of moisture content.
6. There are no chemical substances in the charcoal and there are no poisonous, harmful substances and gases in it. And it is without bitter taste. 
Although ordinary charcoal is low-cost, machine-made charcoal has advantages over ordinary charcoal in the long term from the perspective of environmental protection. Therefore machine-made charcoal should be used widely according to suggestion. 


Homemade briquette machine is also called homemade briquette press, widely used to produce biomass briquettes from wood or agro waste such as rice husks, corn cobs, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells, coconut shuck, coffee grounds, straw stalks...

ZBJ-ZT Briquette Machine

The Reliable Manufacturer Of Pini Kay Briquette 
Pini kay Briquette machines are capable of processing biomass briquettes with super high density and compression. Moreover, the Pini Kay briquettes are characterized by high surface baking technology, which protects briquette per se against excessive moisture. 

Since ancient times, China has played a big role in evolvement and development of charcoal briquette technologies in the world. Traditionally, earthen kiln was so popular with Chinese people to produce charcoal but the severity of air pollution posed to China's environment catalyzed the upgrading of charcoal briquette machine.

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