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How to determine whether sawdust briquette machine needs maintenance or not?

The use of sawdust briquette machine is becoming more common nowadays that many traditional charcoal production enterprises have started using the energy conservation and environmental protection sawdust briquette machine for charcoal production, but most of the operators can not make a timely maintenance after the production of briquette machine, which would make the service life of briquette machine greatly shortened, so how to judge whether the maintenance of briquette machine is required? In fact, it needs to be judged according to the operating conditions of the equipment. Maintenance of sawdust briquette machine should be made when the following conditions appear:

maintenance of sawdust briquette machine

1. If the briquette discharging speed drops greatly, the efficiency would be significantly reduced, and the quality of briquettes is not very well. This is caused by the low working efficiency of internal briquetting system after working for a long time. Thus, the briquetting system need to be cleaned up and add drops of lubricating oil to make the lubrication degree of hydraulic shaft increase.

2. The moisture content of raw material can not meet the requirement, so the briquette machine often get jammed. It mainly because the temperature of the dryer does not meet specified requirements so that the moisture in the raw material can not be fully dried. After being fed into the sawdust briquette machine, the wet material would make the machine get stuck.

3. The briquettes produced are fractured and can not be linked together. When this kind of circumstance appears, it shows that the hydraulic system of briquette machine need to be maintained. Since the pressure of hydraulic system can not meet the requirements that the structure of briquette produced is not stable.

Maintenance of briquette machine can effectively improve the production efficiency of briquette machine, also greatly prolong the service life of the equipment. At the same time, operators need to have certain practical operation experience to judge whether the maintenance of briquette machine is required according to the experience of normal production.

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