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The whole process of charcoal production

Many investors who want to invest in the charcoal production industry do not know the operation process of charcoal machine production line. The following is the assembly line work process of charcoal production with sawdust briquette machine.

charcoal production process

1. Material: investors need to ensure enough raw materials for production. There is a wide range of raw materials that can be used for making charcoal, such as straw, cotton stem, rice husk, peanut shell, sawdust, branches, etc.
2. Crusher: after having sufficient raw materials, the next step is to crush the raw material into small particles within 10MM.
3. Dryer: the next thing is to dry the raw material and you need to dry the crushed raw material to make its moisture content to be about 12 percent.
4. Conveyor belt: the drying material can be delivered through conveyor belt.
5. Feeding machine: feed the raw material by the conveyor belt.
6. Sawdust briquette machine: the next thing is to make briquettes. The feeding machine would send the material into the sawdust briquette machine and the raw material can be processed into briquettes with hollow core.
7. Carbonizing furnace: the semi-finished briquettes should be further carbonized by the carbonizing furnace. After carbonization of the carbonizing furnace, the semi-finished briquettes would become the finished product - charcoal.
8. Cooling machine: the charcoal discharging from the carbonizing furnace has high temperature that it cannot be packed directly. Instead, it need to be cooled by the cooling machine.
9. Packaging machine: after cooling of the charcoal, it can be packaged to be commodity charcoal.

The above is the whole process of the assembly line for the whole charcoal production. If there is any other problems in the production of briquettes and charcoal, you can contact us to get more information about it.

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