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What should be noticed when buying sawdust briquette machine?

Many investors who want to invest in briquette and charcoal production don't know what kind of sawdust briquette machine they want to buy so that they have to choose the briquette machine recommended by the manufacturers according to their own situation. The main reason is that they don't know much about the sawdust briquette machine. Below are the six standards that must be noticed when buying the sawdust briquette machine, which can help you to choose a proper briquette machine.

sawdust briquette machine

1. Properties of carbonized materials.
It mainly includes the shape, moisture content, water combination mode, heat sensitivity of the material and so on. Because of different characteristics of the material itself, the carbonizing methods required are different. Thus, the sawdust briquette machine used will also be different, which is the basis for purchasing a suitable briquette machine.
2. Quality of charcoal.
The quality of charcoal produced by sawdust briquette machine and whether the purchased briquette machine can meet our requirements should be taken into account, especially some special industries.
3. Production conditions of sawdust briquette machine.
Briquette machine with good production conditions should be used according to your own situation. Although some briquette machines are affordable, it can't be used for continuous production, particularly not suitable for processing materials with high temperature, toxic and more dust.
4. Production capacity of sawdust briquette machine (performance of briquette machine). 
The production capacity of different briquette machines are different, so dose the carbonizing method, so users should be careful when purchasing.
5. Economical efficiency of sawdust briquette machine.
This is the factor that every manufacturer who wants to purchase the sawdust briquette machine will consider that they want to spend the least amount of money on the most economical briquette machine. That is, the investment and operating expenses of the briquette machine should be the lowest, and other conditions can be met as well.
6. Some other factors.
For example, whether the maintenance, operation and equipment size of the briquette machine equipment would be limited, etc.

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