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Protection of raw material against moisture can reduce the operation cost of sawdust briquette machine

Manpower and electric power are the key to measure the operation cost of sawdust briquette machine. In general, the longer the sawdust briquette machine operates, the greater the investment of manpower and electric power and the higher the operating costs. As long as cutting the running time of sawdust briquette machine, the electric power and manpower costs in the production of sawdust briquette machine can be reduced, which can reduce the operation cost of briquette machine. Although the protection of raw material against moisture in the article can not directly reduce the operating costs of sawdust briquette machine, it can indirectly reduce operating costs by shortening the operation time of briquette machine. The following are the two stages of protection of raw material against moisture.

raw material for sawdust briquette machine
The first stage is the protection of raw material against moisture before drying, namely vacuum storage of raw materials without drying processing. Vacuum storage can avoid environment humidity attached to the raw material, thus increasing its internal moisture. Therefore, measures of protection of raw material against moisture should be taken in this stage to control the moisture content of raw material before drying, which can reduce the time of raw material drying processing. On the contrary, if moistureproof protect of the biomass briquette raw materials is not ready before drying processing, it may increase the moisture content of raw material, and then the running time of the processing equipment would be extended, also the manpower and electric power should have been put into production, which increases the operation cost of sawdust briquette machine.
The second stage is the protection of raw material against moisture before making briquettes with sawdust briquette machine, namely vacuum storage of raw materials before processing with sawdust briquette machine (that is, the raw material after drying). The purpose is to avoid the material after drying affected by the environment humidity during storage, which would increase its internal moisture. Since the moisture content of raw material used in sawdust briquette machine should be accurate within 6%, therefore, the raw material storage in this stage can not be affected by environment humidity, or it would affect the processing quality of sawdust briquette machine and extend the running time and increase the operation cost.

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