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Which parts of sawdust briquette machine should be fastened regularly

In the whole charcoal production process, apart from carbonization, crushing, drying and briquetting are in the production process under the mechanical force of the equipment. However, the mechanical force of the three kinds of production technology also comes the accessories of charcoal production equipment. After crushing, drying and briquetting for a long time, some of the accessories would get loose. If not tighten the loose parts regularly, it would influence the operation quality of sawdust briquette machine. Then, which parts of briquette machine should be fastened regularly?

parts of sawdust briquette machine

The briquetting process: In the process of mechanical force, the accessory that is easy to loose is the screw propeller. Screw propeller is the main force for the molding of sawdust briquette machine. Therefore, its mechanical loading force it bears is also the biggest and it is easy to loose after long time using.

The drying process: the mechanical force of the process is mainly the feed plate inside the roller of the dryer. Sine the feed plate keeps carrying the raw material so that it is also the part that is most easy to loose and should be fastened periodically.

The crushing process: the main part of mechanical force in this process is the crushing blade, and after crushing raw materials with wood crusher machine for a long period of time, the crushing bearing bolt would get loose and the blade would slide down. Thus, the part should be tightened regularly as well.

Experiment proves that after crushing raw materials for 8 hours, the crushing blade would be heated up. Then, if the operation personnel of sawdust briquette machine do not replace the crushing blade in high temperature timely, but let it continue to operate, the crushing blade would be damaged by high temperature corrosion in the production of raw material crushing. As the production goes on, the opening in the crushing blade would be more and more. When accumulated to a certain degree, it would no longer as sharp as the initial, and the crushing efficiency would decline obviously. In general, the crushing efficiency on the raw material would reduce if not replacing the crushing tool in time. In addition, excessive wear of the crushing blade would also increase the cost of production of sawdust briquette machine.

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