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Distinguish the production failure of sawdust briquette machine with nose

We found that most of the operation faults in the production of sawdust briquette machine are distinguished by listening, often reflected in the abnormal noise of equipment when working and the vibration of sawdust briquette machine, etc. Whenever the production personnel hearing the abnormal sound, the equipment parts are basically in the state of scrapping. That is to say, only the later period of running fault of sawdust briquette machine can be found just by listening. Thus, it's hard to make

production failure of sawdust briquette machine

some operating failure prevention or rescue measures of sawdust briquette machine. Through research, we found that the operational failure of sawdust briquette machine can be prevented by nose, namely the sense of smell, such as the following conditions:

1. Scorched flavor of the belt. This phenomenon is the most easily to be detected, because the motor is the only part of sawdust briquette machine that has belt. As long as smelling out the scorched flavor, you can be sure that it is caused by high temperature of the belt of motor for a long time. In this case, the production personnel should immediately shut down the motor power and take the belt off for maintenance, which can effectively prevent the belt from further wear.

2. Charring flavor of plastic: we know that there is a thin plastic packaging on the outer of production circuit of sawdust briquette machine. Generally, it must be the short circuit of electric power that burns the outer packing of the line if there is the smell of plastic charring flavor. If the treatment is not timely, the fault would lead to collision sound of the machine parts due to the unstable power.

Do you have a new understanding on the operation failure and prevention of sawdust briquette machine through the content above? If you encounter some technical problems in the process of production of sawdust briquette machine and unable to solve them, welcome to contact our technical department. Our company will be free for you to answer any failure problem of sawdust briquette machine. KMEC provides all kinds of sawdust briquette machine, homemade briquette machine and other charcoal processing equipment for users to choose from.


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