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Why the charcoal produced by briquette machine are not straight?

The charcoal sold in the market are quite straight. However, sometimes the charcoal produced by the briquette machine are not straight and distorted. What’s the reason for that? Here's the reasons why some of the charcoal produced are curved.

bending charcoal and briquette machine

The charcoal, which are not straight, are unqualified even if the density and hardness are good, which would seriously affect the appearance and can not sell well. After years of production and processing experience, we have analyzed the two aspects of the bending charcoal. One is the problem of equipment, the other is the problem of raw material, and then we would analyze it in detail.

I. The equipment
The design of the parts in briquette machine may not reasonable if the charcoal produced are not straight. The section gap between the propeller and forming sleeve of briquette machine would affect the forming resistance of raw materials, lead to uneven pressure flow velocity when the raw material goes through the propeller, resulting in extrusion deformation of briquettes. Therefore, the movement of each part in briquette machine should be checked before starting the equipment.

2. The raw material
If the equipment is good condition, the raw material should not be qualified. Moisture in the raw material has a certain effect on the briquettes produced by sawdust briquette machine. If the moisture content of raw material is too high, the plastic forming standard can not meet the standard hardness in the process of making briquettes, then the briquettes produced would be curved. Therefore, the moisture content of the raw material had better be controlled at 8-12% before processing. If the humidity can not be well mastered, it is recommended that you buy a humidity tester, which is convenient and intuitive.

If both of these problems were solved, the briquettes would no longer be bending. Above are the reasons why some charcoal produced are not straight, hoping it helpful for the briquette and charcoal producers.

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