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The reason for common faults in the process of using biomass briquette machine

In recent years, biomass briquette machine has been used by an increasing number of people for making briquettes and machine made charcoal with crop waste and other materials. The following are the reasons for common faults when using biomass briquette machine in the production.

biomass briquette machine

1. The briquettes produced by biomass briquette machine has certain density. The briquette breaks easily with gloss on the fracture surface.
Reason: the initial place of screw edge is too high.
2. In the process of making briquettes, if the temperature is slightly higher, the material would be carbonized, but if the temperature is slightly lower, the material can not be made into briquettes.
Reason: the sleeve of biomass briquette machine wears seriously.
3. The briquetting effect of the same raw material on different types of biomass briquette machine are quite different.
Reason: the fit clearance between the screw and sleeve is inappropriate.
4. There is smoke from the sides of briquettes when making briquettes, and briquettes produced are coarse.
Reason: Raw materials used in the production are too dry; the fit clearance between the screw and sleeve is too large, or the temperature is too high.
5. Blasting sound, abnormal or slow briquette discharging, blocking appears when making briquettes. 
Reason: serious wear of screw edge, root or sleeve.
6. The briquettes produced are bend.
Reason: the raw material for making briquettes is not dried and it has high moisture content.
7. The briquettes produced have poor density and the producing speed is fast.
Reason: the screw rod is too long or the temperature is too high.
8. The speed of briquette discharging slows down after changing the screw when the same raw material is used.
Reason: the first spiral of the screw is too high.
9. The screw idles with no briquette discharged.
Reason: the screw is too short or worn.

Thus, if you want to make the briquette making machine work normally, the following three aspects should be noticed in the production: the heating temperature, the length of the screw in the sleeve, that is fit clearance and the humidity of the raw material.

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