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Biomass Briquette Press & Briquette Charcoal Making Machine

What factors will influence quality of biomass briquettes and briquette charcoal?wood briquette plant

Biomass briquette press is also called briquette machine and briquette charcoal making machine, namely, charcoal making machine. The quality of biomass briquette press and briquette charcoal making machine do have great impact upon briquette pressing and charcoal manufacturing. Technically, the higher carbon content of charcoal remains, the more thermal value of charcoal will be.

The heat treatment and the temperature also affect the coal briquette quality. The favorable temperature of pyrolysis was 600 in their work. The briquette formed this way showed a higher calorific value and lower volatile matter upon combustion. The mechanical properties like strength and waster resistance of fuel were also enhanced by heat treatment. The strength of heat cured briquettes can further be increased by the higher temperature carbonization process. as the temperature of carbonization increased so dose the strength but it makes the process uneconomical. So high temperature carbonization processed should only be followed when the strongest briquettes are required.
 Moreover, the briquette density is directly related to the pressure applied during the formation of coal briquette. The maximum density can be obtained by applying pressure up to 150MPa. The abrasion resistance and density of coal briquettes increased largely up to pressure of 70 MPa further increasing the pressure only slightly increase the density and abrasion resistance.

 Besides the factor, raw material attribute and carbonizing technique will also exert some influence on qualities of both briquettes and charcoal. That is to say, the chemical factor of charcoal briquette will either prolong or shorten combusting time. However, the physical factor goes to biomass briquette press and briquette charcoal making machine per se. To enhance thermal value of briquettes and charcoal, the contact surface with air should be as little as possible to extend combusting time. Actually, the contact surface includes both outer surface and pores within charcoal, because one of prominent features of briquette charcoal refers to porous structure.

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Compared to conventional directly wood-turned biomass briquette charcoal, the ones by charcoal making machine are characterized by longer combustion. There are mainly two methods to prolong burning time of briquette charcoal. In the first place, squeezing pressure within biomass briquette press ought to be increased as much as possible, and density and strength of biomass briquettes since then can be improved as well, as a result, characters of briquette charcoal can be favorably changed. In the second place, the advancement in briquette charcoal making machine shall be achieved. Specifically, carbonized temperature should be on the rise yet edging up rather than in a drastic way. The slow rise and decline in temperature is conducive to high degrees of charcoal density and hardness. 


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