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Routine inspection of briquette machine can not be neglected

Routine inspection of briquette machine is different from the maintenance of briquette machine. It involves more comprehensive inspection projects, which can keep the production quality stable for a long time. According to the production technology of briquettes and charcoal, routine inspection of briquette machine be divided into the following four parts.

briquette machine inspection

1. Routine inspection of drying facilities: airflow dryer is used in the drying process and whether the airflow dryer process can reach the standard is inseparable from the normal use of hot blast stove. Only under the normal operation of the hot blast stove, quality standards of the drying process can be controlled effectively. Thus, we must carefully check whether the fan of stove is flexible and whether there is congestion of ventilation pipe. These are the main factors influencing the normal operation of hot blast stove. (Rotary drum dryer is also provided for users to choose from)

2. Routine inspection of crushing facilities: raw material crushing is an indispensable step of charcoal production. Only raw material with suitable granularity can guarantee the quality of briquettes produced by briquette machine. When controlling the raw material granularity,  sharp blade of the crusher is quite important. Thus, we should check whether there is gap in the crushing blade, avoid too blunt blades affecting raw material crushing granularity of briquette machine.

3. Routine inspection of briquette machine: briquetting and molding is a characteristic process in charcoal production. To control the specifications of briquettes precisely, the propeller and the sleeve of briquette machine are essential. Intact punch of propeller and sleeve without precipitation are necessary conditions in the production of briquettes with accurate specifications. Therefore, we should check whether the propeller punch is incomplete before each production and whether there is impurities inside the sleeve.

4. Routine inspection of carbonizing facilities: as we all know, the carbonizing technology is the final factor that determines the quality of finished product and the only condition of carbonizing quality is the temperature control facilities of carbonizing furnace, namely the gasifier. Before the operation of carbonizing furnace, the operator should pay attention to check whether there is air leak phenomenon of the gasifier to avoid carbonization temperature from getting out of control.

Above are the routine inspection of briquette machine. As a professional briquette and charcoal production equipment manufacturer, we provide all kinds of biomass briquette machine, rice husk briquette machine and briquette plant for customers all over the world. If you have any question in the production of briquettes, please feel free to contact us.

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