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Routine inspection of sawdust briquette machine

Routine inspection of sawdust briquette machine can keep the production quality in a stable state for a long time. The routine inspection is different from the maintenance inspection of the sawdust briquette machine, and the inspection items involved are more comprehensive. According to the production process, the routine inspection can be divided into the following four parts.

routine inspection of sawdust briquette machine

1. Routine inspection of drying machine: airflow dryer is the only equipment for drying of raw materials in the process of making briquettes and charcoal, and the process of airflow dryer is inseparable from the normal use of hot blast stove. Only under the normal operation of the hot blast stove, quality standards of drying process can be controlled effectively. In this regard, we must carefully check whether the fan of the hot blast furnace is flexible, and whether the ventilation ducts are blocked, which are the main factors affecting the normal operation of the hot blast stove.

2. Routine inspection of crushing machine: raw material grinding is an indispensable process in the production. We must control the raw material under the suitable granularity to guarantee the quality of briquettes. Thus, we should check whether there is gap on the crushing blade to avoid too blunt blades affecting the crushing granularity of raw material for making charcoal.

3. Routine inspection of sawdust briquette machine: briquette machine is an essential equipment in the production. Precise control of briquette specification can not dispense with the propeller and sleeve of sawdust briquette machine. Propeller with intact punch and sleeve of no precipitation are the requirement of accurate briquette specification. Therefore, we should check the punch of propeller is incomplete and whether there are impurities inside the sleeve before each production.

4. Routine inspection of carbonizing furnace: carbonizing technology determines the quality of finished product and the temperature controlling device of carbonizing furnace also plays an important role. We should pay attention to check whether there is gas or air leakage in the gasifier before carbonizing.

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