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Selecting straw briquetting machine

Following with the strengthen of forbid burning straw, more and more people choose straw briquette machine, which crush and compress the biomass powdery raw material like straws into high efficiency eco-friendly fuel or feed, to make waste into treasure. After constant practice and improvement, straw briquetting machine are being perfected. At present, market for straw briquetting machine has a large number of various kinds of straw briquetting machines. For the buyers, how to select high efficiency durable products which suit for themselves?

briquetting machine
1. Comparing the surface, mold and technology. The most important is to inspect whether the welding machine body is strong or not, whether the sealing is tight or not, whether there is leakage of oil, cracks, bump and so on. There are mainly two types of mold, foundry and forging. For the same texture of material, requirement for wear resistance textures and technique is much higher. Some of the manufactures sell seconds at best quality prices, even using the steel scraps from the scrap yard as the equipment material. The buyer should keep their eyes open.  
2. Comparing the bearing. Straw briquetting machine work with high strength, some of them require to work for 24 hours with no-stop. So the requirement for bearing quality is extremely high. During the purchasing of straw briquetting machine, if possible, consult the manufactures about the bearing. If adopting the bearing of undated products from unaddressed factory or refurbished bearing, the application results of straw briquetting machine must be affected.
3. In most regions straw briquetting machine adopt the motor driving devices. So, quality of motor greatly influenced the quality of the whole machine. The designing of single motor or double motor are for the sake of playing the basic function of the equipment. Certainly, there are some straw briquetting machines with double motors become more energy saving, more balanced strength and high production through optimize the allocation of the pulling performance, but the prices for them are much higher.  
4. When the customers investigate the manufacture, they usually expect to test the pressure on the spot. Also the manufactures are glad to take this as a way of marketing. At this time, the client should go through the whole process of trial-process, in order to prevent substitution. In addition, the clients can seek information from other clients directly. 


Technical process: crushing-----drying ( raw material with less moisture content have no use to drying, choosing according to different type of briquetting machine)------transport----briquetting----package and storage 

Actually the structural design of straw briquetting machine comes from pellet mill. In china, there are three kinds of straw briquetting machine----mechanical press, Hydraulic press and screw press type. 

A briquette charcoal plant is generally comprised of wood crusher, dryer, briquette press and briquette charcoal machine. We hereby would like to enumerate some advantageous features of our briquette press and charcoal machine.

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