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Technical process of straw briquetting machine

Technical process: crushing-----drying ( raw material with less moisture content have no use to drying, choosing according to different type of briquetting machine)------transport----briquetting----package and storage 
Briquetting Machine
Raw material is enter into the briquetting machine from the feeder, and being compressed into briquetting compulsively. After cooling ( moisture content is below 14%), the finished products are packaged. straw briquetting machine is a special equipment which take sawdust, branches, grass and biomass material as the main raw material, compressed them into briquettes.  To make briquette form biomass material of the straw type, the first step is to crush the material into small pieces with the length of 20-30mm and proper moisture content by hay cutter or knead machine, then feedstock come into the briquette machine and produce the briquetting with the area of cross section is between 32*32 to 32*80, and with different length, and density of 0.6-1.0g/m3´╝îwhich is convenient for transport and storage. Straw briquetting machine overcomes the disadvantages of sawdust own light in weight, big size and easy to be affected by weather condition of wind, rain, snow and fire, satisfying the requirement of commercialization. Compressing straw into a kind of new biomass fuel which replaced the coal and being widely used in the aspects of cooking, room heating, and power generation and so on. Biomass fuel has the advantages of less air pollution, easy to get the raw material, low price and rich in resources comparing with mineral fuel. As long as the green plant is growing year after year, biomass resources are inexhaustible. At present, under the condition of serious shortage of coal and gas fuel, using biomass fuel in a wide range of scope is important for vast rural areas to solve the problem of resources. Straw briquetting machine could also be used to make briquetting from pasture, eatable straw and crops as feed briquetting. After curing process, the grass has good palatability, kept without spoiling and easy to storage. It could make full use of the grass in a wide range of scope, and plays an important part in protecting the grassland and developing the captive husbandry. At the same time, briquetting grass is an important reserved material during disaster relief. Dropped them into the disaster area could not only protect the food of sheep and cow, but also an imperative fuel in the disaster area.
Taking advantage of biomass like straw as the material in the industry and sideline production, taking advantage of straw briquetting machine to produce straw briquetting at the original place, can not only save a lot of cost and in the field of storage of materials and fireproof management but also expand the source of raw materials. 

Briquette Machine

1. Straw briquette machine should be fixed on the ground, if possible, fixed by cement. If the working place is always change, straw briquette machine and the motor should be fixed on the machine base which made of four-angle steel. 
2. Carefully check up whether each components of straw briquette machine are installed properly after installation and check up whether there are insecure assembled parts or not. And check up whether motor reel is parallel to the shaft of crusher or not, check for the tension of driving belt.
3. Before start the straw briquette machine, it is necessary to rotate the rotor by hand and check up whether the rotor is flexible and normal or not, whether there is collision in the body of machine or not, whether the rotor rotate in the right direction and whether the motor and crusher has good lubrication or not. 
4. Don’t replace the belt frequently to prevent the machine from extremely high or low rotating speed.
5. After starting the briquette machine, it is necessary to race the engine for 2-3 minutes. Feed the material when the briquette machine is operating without irregularity.
6. The feeding process of straw briquette should be evenly. If found noises, high temperature with bearing and machine body, or spraying feedstock, the briquette machine should be stopped and solve the problems.
7. Before starting the straw briquette machine, the operator should carefully check up the feedstock to prevent metal, stone and other hard objects from entering into the crushing chamber, which might leads to accidents. 
8. When the materials are feed into the briquette machine, the operator should stand by the side face of the straw briquette machine to prevent the operator form injured by the rebounded objects. Don’t grasp the stalk too tight when crushing the stalk corps in case of dragging in the operators hands. 
9. Before stop the briquette machine, stop feed materials first. After expelling the feedstock in the machine body completely, cut the electricity and stop the machine. It is necessary to clear up and maintain the machine after stop. 
10. After the straw briquette machine has been worked for over 300 hours, the bearing should be clear up and replace the engine oil.  

Kingman boasts the best supplier and manfuacturer of straw briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.The use of straw in large-scale biomass power plants is becoming mainstream in the EU, with several facilities already online. The straw is either used directly in the form of bales, or densified into pellets which allows for the feedstock to be transported over longer distances.

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Classification of straw briquetting machine
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Classification of straw briquetting machine

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