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Three methods of reducing smoke emission in the production of sawdust briquette machine

Nowadays, the air pollution in our country is becoming more and more serious, the state also has a clear regulation on the gas pollution, then how to reduce the emission of smoke of sawdust briquette machine in the production? It is inevitable to produce smoke in the production process of charcoal, but too much smoke emissions would cause certain influence to our production and living environment, so we need to use some methods to control the smoke emissions in the process of making charcoal. We have summarized three feasibility methods for your reference.

smoke emission of sawdust briquette machine

The first method that can be used is the condensation recovery method. This is a method of high cost of investment. It requires the use of condensation tower and separating tank. The wood tar and wood vinegar in the smoke can be recovered through these two devices. But the high cost of investment makes it difficult to get a wide range of promotion and use.

The second method is water immersion. So-called water immersion method is to make the smoke precipitate in the pool. It requires the user to build a pool beside the sawdust briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. Lead the smoke of carbonizing furnace into the pool through the fan and pipeline. Due to different specific heat, the wood tar and wood vinegar liquid in smoke condense and precipitate. It should be noticed that the precipitation of wood tar and wood vinegar liquid in the bottom need to clean up on a regular basis.

The third method is chimney connection in series for centralized emission method. This is a very simple way of introducing the smoke from the carbonizing furnace into a central chimney through a public flue, and then emitting in high altitude. Although this approach can not be able to reduce gas emissions, due to the increased height of flue gas emissions, it can reduce the influence of flue gas on the surrounding environment.

Although the above three ways to control the smoke emissions requires additional investment, may be beyond our budget, we still need to reduce the smoke emissions to the lowest for the sake of our survival environment and our children.

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