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What should we do with the steam in the production of biomass briquette machine?

Carbonization is an essential process in the production of biomass briquette machine. While plenty of stream may produce in this process. How to solve this problem in the production and what are the causes for the stream?

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There are several causes of the stream:
1. The humidity of raw materials is too high;
2. There is serious wear in the inner covering of the holder;
3. The inside of the heating cylinder of biomass briquette machine is badly worn;
4. The front angle of propeller is not in line with production requirements.
Methods for solving the above problems:
1. Heating raw materials further, enlarge the efficiency of the dryer for further drying of the raw materials, and make its humidity meets the requirements of production.
2. Repair the inner covering of the holder and replace the parts with serious wear;
3. Check the inner sleeve of the heating tube of biomass briquette machine regularly to see if it is worn, repair or replace the new accessories according to the degree of wear;
4. Check the front angle of the propeller and repair the worn part of the front angle.
The application amount of charcoal is rising constantly in our daily life and industrial production. It can be used in the barbecue due to its features of smokeless and tasteless. Charcoal is also an ideal material for heating in winter and it can also be used in steel mills for slow cooling. Thus, there is an increasing market demand for charcoal. The charcoal produced by biomass briquette machine and carbonizing furnace gradually replace the original kiln firing charcoal and greatly reduces production cost.

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