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The temperature standard in the production of briquette machine

Briquette machine is the molding equipment for making briquettes. In order to make the production quality reach the standard of qualified quality, it is very important to control the temperature in the production of briquette machine. While the temperature in the production depends on the

temperature standard of briquette machine

characteristics of raw materials. We know that softening of the raw material occurs easily at high temperature, which can increase the viscosity of the raw material and make the molding of material more easy. If the temperature is too high, though the production speed is fast, activated charcoal briquettes produced would be more fragile and limp. While if the temperature is too low, the viscosity would be poor, thus the briquette produced has low fracture resistance. According to the experimental results, the average temperature of 250-280 is the best. Of course, the moisture content of raw material is also one of the factors that determines the temperature in the production. It depends on the actual situation.
In the maintenance and inspection of briquette machine after stopping, usually, we need to check the driving part, reducer and the usage of lubricating oil of briquette machine equipment. We can check the meshing condition of the operation of briquette machine manually and whether there is serious wear of transmission parts of briquette machine through the peephole, then check the contact spots of drive tooth and side clearance. Then, lubricate the equipment of briquette machine and seal the cover plate on the peephole of briquette machine to prevent dirt from entering the inside of transmission mechanism of briquette machine.
Standard operation and maintenance of briquette machine is the key to achieve high out and high quality product in the production. KMEC specializes in manufacturing briquette machine of different capacities and uses. We are glad to help you solving your problems in the operation of briquette machine and provide you with high quality briquette machine.

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