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Warm up of briquette machine in winter

Affected by the cold temperature, briquette machine should be warmed up in winter before operation. Since the propeller, heating coil and forming sleeve of briquette machine as well as alternator shaft are made of heavy metal material, which has the physical property of heat expansion and cold contraction.

briquette machine production in winter
In low temperature environment in winter, the metal parts (propeller, forming sleeve, heating ring) of briquette machine will be eroded by cold and shrink as long as the briquette machine is in a state of rest. At the same time, the lubricating oil on the surface of these metal parts surface would turn into a solid state and congeal, thus lose the effect of lubrication. The gap between the metal parts increase significantly affected by low temperature. At this moment, if you start the briquette machine directly and put it into normal production, the metal parts of briquette machine would shake and wear in some degrees. At the same time, the operating liquidity would also weaken gradually. As a result, production difficulties like material blocking and irregular briquettes would appear.
Therefore, briquette machine must be "warmed up" in winter first before operation due to the effect of the cold temperature. The production personnel can set the generator in low voltage idle state first, and then it would drive the briquette machine slowly in no-load running state for preheating. Check whether is clearance between the metal parts of briquette machine about 15 minutes to 30 minutes later. At the same time, observe whether the lubricating oil on the surface of the metal parts is in liquid state. The briquette machine can be put into normal production when everything is confirmed normal.
To ensure the good running condition of briquette machine after starting, many users would check the assembly of machine parts again before starting the briquette machine. For example, whether the machine base is placed steadily, whether the forming cylinder and propeller are fixed. These security check can guarantee the smooth operation of briquette machine in some degrees, but some latent and instable factors cannot be detected before starting the briquette machine, like whether there is residual raw materials in the crushing chamber, drying chamber, carbonizing chamber and sleeve of briquette machine. If so, it would affect the stability of the briquette machine, also can't ensure the production quality of the new material.
For the unstable factors of briquette machine, we can only detect by the sound after starting the sawdust briquette machine. If there is remaining raw material in the main production organization of briquette machine, the sound of the motor pulley in revolving would be louder than no-load condition. In that case, do not worry to add material for production. The operator should pay attention to listen and find out which production facility of briquette machine has abnormal sound. Then, shut down immediately and check the root cause. While if there is no remaining raw material, then the motor pulley is usually in mute state when running. Briquette machine in this condition can be put into normal production.

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