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The solution to the wear problem of briquette machine

The wear of briquette machine has been one of the most headache problems in our industry. Many manufacturers suffer losses just because they do not resolve the problem of wear and tear well. The only thing they do is to increase the cost, but no profit is left to speak of. Even through some progress are achieved at first, they have to shut down in the end. Here are some experiences, which are expected to be helpful to everyone who using briquette machine to produce briquettes.
First of all, we should be clear that how the wear is caused. The wear of briquette machine is caused by the mutual extrusion between the screw, sleeve and raw materials. The interaction between the three factors are the three aspects of the wear. The raw material here refers to the wood sawdust. It has a lot to do with the species of sawdust. For example, pine sawdust causes minimal wear, because it contains rich oil, which can form a thin layer of oil film under high temperature that would reduce the wear. It is followed by the hard wood, and the worst one is the Chinese fir sawdust. While for the screw, the front elevation angle of which is directly related to the thrust. The larger the angle is, the greater the thrust would be, therefore, the wear is more serious and the quality of briquette is better and vice versa. Compression angle of the sleeve is also critical, the greater the angle, the greater the resistance and the wear is also larger.

quick-wear parts of briquette machine
As we now have known the reason that causes the wear problem, then it is easy to be solved. Method 1: adjust the screw angle appropriately. Method 2: adjust the sleeve angle appropriately. You can also improve their wear resistance appropriately according to their own conditions, such as spray welding and bead welding method. In short, we should figure out the reasons for the problem first, then it is not a problem to be solved. This requires that you have a wide range of knowledge and rich experience.
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The wear resistance of briquette machine is closely related to the spindle and forming part. The bearing in the spindle as well as the roller and the roller sheet in the forming part are the wearing parts of the briquette machine. Its wearing resistance performance directly affects the service life and the molding process of the briquette machine. 

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