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Methods of preventing briquette machine from bearing wear

Analysis of wear of bearing of briquette machine in the early stages
Improper installation of briquette machine (account about 16%)
1. Using hammer to pound the bearing directly is the worst damage to the bearings when briquette machine is installed with violence. That is the primary reason for deformation
2. Briquette machine is not correctly installed, the briquette machine is installed with deviation or the bearing is not installed properly, that leads to too small bearing clearance. Inner and outer ring of bearing isn’t at the same center of rotation and is not concentric with each other.
Recommendation: select proper or professional bearing installation tools and installed special equipment to test after installation.

briquette machine
Poor lubrication of bearing of briquette machine (account about 50%)
According to the report that poor lubrication is the most important reason for bearing wear in the early stages. Primary causes include:  No lubricate or grease timely, lubrication oil or lubricant is not properly injected; choosing inappropriate type of lubrication oil or lubricant; inappropriate way of lubrication and so on.  
Recommendation: choose the right type of lubrication oil or lubricant and inject it by the right way of lubrication
Contamination (account about 14%)
Contamination can cause damage to the bearing of briquette machine in the early stages. Contamination means dust, metal chips etc. enter into the inside of bearings. The primary causes include: open up the package of briquette machine bearing too early before use and cause contamination; install the briquette machine in a not clean environment and leads to contamination; bearing is working in a not clean condition and contaminated by the service substance.
Recommendation: It is better not to unpack the package of bearing before use; keep the circumstance clean when the machine is installed; clear the bearing before using; enhance the performance of sealing devices 
Bearing fatigue (about 34%)
Bearing fatigue is a common damage phenomenon. General reason for causing bearing fatigue maybe include: bearing of briquette machine work overload for a long time; No maintenance of the bearing timely; improper maintenance; ageing of equipment.  
Recommendation: Select the appropriate type of bearing and replace the fatigue bearing regularly and timely.
Above is the common reasons for damage in the early stages of import bearing of briquette machine; reason for damage of bearing in the early stages is verified, listed above is the most important reason that need to be considered, sometimes of them are caused by comprehensive reasons. If the type of bearing is correct, installation way is appropriate, and way of lubrication and lubricant oil is correct, the briquette machine may work normally for a long time.  


Homemade briquette machine is also called homemade briquette press, widely used to produce biomass briquettes from wood or agro waste such as rice husks, corn cobs, peanut shells, sunflower seed shells...

Wood crusher is a kind of chipping and crushing equipment especially for raw material with 50-250 mm (diameter). Briquette machine cannot directly take wood blocks as feedstock; therefore you need to pretreated raw material well, namely size reduction and material drying.

Zbj series wood/sawdust briquette machine is being used to produce charcoal. It’s a reliable way to make profit from agro forestry wastes. Due to the higher cost of conventional fuel, the awareness of using eco-friendly and bio-fuel is increasing day by day. 

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