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Safe operation and failure analysis of briquette machine

 Safe control of briquette machine during operation
During the operation of briquette machine, the safety issues should always be concerned in order to avoid of accidents and lengthening of service life of machine. The specific issues during operation of briquette machine are like below:

1. Before starting the machine, rotate the belts by hand and examine the belts whether are jammed or not.
 2. The connect screw of heating tube should be fastened before starting the machine.
 3. Before stop the continuous working machine, the machine should be rotates in the opposite direction for a minutes to stop the machine when the material are feeding completely.  
 4. When the machine reopened, the heating tube should be increased to 350 degree before starting machine. The feeding amount should be less until the first briquette has been discharged, then feeding amount can be increased.
 5.The oil in the oil tank should be examined. If the oil is not enough, it should be make complete before starting the machine. If it leaks oil, the oil sealing parts should be replaced instantly.

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 6. During working, the electrical currency should be concerned and the pressure should be noted to avoid of damage of motor.
 7. When the screw propeller can not rotate, the machine should be stopped instantly. The material in the feeding hopper should be cleared, and the temperature should be increase 20 degree higher than the original temperature, then the machine can be started.
 8. The direction of discharging mouth is usually face to the wall, which are advantageous to equipped the air discharging tube.
 9.People are prohibit to stand in front of the discharging mouth when operation.
 10. The lines of the briquette machine should be clean and dry, and the electricity line should be cut before stopping the machine.
 11. The stones and metal scraps prohibit entering into the feeding hopper. If the abnormal founded, the machine should be stopped to examine. 
 12. All the lubrication parts should be greased every two mouth.
 13. The machine should be well connected with ground before starting the machine, to avoid of accidents.
The above are the issues of operation of briquette machine should be concerned, to ensure the safety operation and finished the work efficiently.
Failure analysis
During the process of using briquette machine, it will inevitably encounter some unexpected failures, people has puzzles and losses about variety of equipment of briquette making production line inevitably. While the formation of briquette depends on the selection of raw material, control of carbonization temperature, temperature and density control of briquette machine, moisture control of materials and size of crushed material etc. In view of the failure occurred, we put together the failures which are easy to occur during briquette making process, so the users can compare for reference.
1. What is the reason that the same material has different performance with different briquette machine?
The answer is the improper clearance between the screw spindle and cylinder.
 2. What’s the reason that smoking come out from the surrounding of briquette with much large thickness or without discharging:
The answer is that material for briquetting is too dry or the clearance between the screw spindle and cylinder is too big, or the temperature is much higher.
 3. What’s the reason for blasting at the time of making briquette or the discharging speed is not normal or blocking of the machine?
The heavy wearing of the top of the screw spindle or the bottom of the spindle or the cylinder is wearing heavily.
 4. What is the reason that the briquette is dense, but it can break with snapping as well as it has luster at the side of breaking?
The top of screw spindle is too high.
  5. What’s the reason that high temperature makes the briquette carbonize or the low temperature make the machine without discharging?
It means that the cylinder is wearing heavily.
 6. Why the briquette machine has a blowout without smooth operation?
The temperature is too low, material is too wet or the clearance is not proper.
 7. Why the briquette is crooked?
The material for briquetting has not been dried, and the moisture content is too large.
  8. What the reason that the briquetting speed is low in density and high in speed?
The screw spindle is too long or the temperature is too high.
 9. Why the briquetting speed is low after changing a new screw spindle when the material is the same. The first screw of the spindle is too high.
  10. What the reason that the spindle idle rotates?
The screw spindle is too short or is wearing.
  11. Why the briquette is not discharged or the briquette is blocked?
The temperature is too low, and the spindle is too short or wearing.
The above methods are the common phenomenon that occurred during the operation of briquetting production line. We believe that this would make a basis for understanding of the daily operation of briquette making machine. Welcome to come to our factory for more information. 

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