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Mechanical Stamping Briquette Press--The Best Briquette Pellet Machine

Systematical knowledge of the mechanical stamping briquetting press

Mechanical stamping briquetting is a kind of processing process which can turn biomass materials such as crop straw, sawdust, barks, twigs and wood chips into biomass briquette, which is the most promising and cost-effective energy resource for heating system of industrial production, government, enterprises and domestic service. A complete briquetting plant generally includes crushing, drying, compressing, molding and packing process.

1. Basic principle of the mechanical stamping briquette press
Compared with screw type briquette press and hydraulic briquetting press, the mechanical stamping press has similar processes with other briquette machines, such as chipping, crushing, drying and packing. However, the mechanical stamping briquette press does have its unique briquetting form. The most remarkable feature of the stamping briquetting press goes quite stable performance.
Raw materials like straw or tree branches shall be crushed into granules with the size of about 20mm (some nut shell can be used directly without pulverization) and moisture content of about 10%-12%, and it will be pushed into briquetting press via a screw feeder. The plunger chip within the briquette press will squeeze and compact raw material together formed into briquette blocks and extruded out of the mould.

2. Suggested feedstock
Based upon Kingman(KMEC) project experience, different stamping moulds have been adaptively developed to meet the demands for processing different raw materials such as rice husk, peanut shells, sunflower seed husk, saw shavings, wood chips and tree trimmings.

After being briquetted, thermal value of raw materials would be enhanced to 3500 to 5000 Kcal through anaerobic reaction happening to the inside of the biomass fuel, with the advantages of less space occupation and convenient transportation and storage.
3. Core components of the mechanical stamping briquette press
The main parts of a mechanical stamping briquetting press consist of mould with the lifespan to produce 300-500 tons, plunger chip and threaded rod which can produce 1000 tons.
The core components adopt professionally unique thermal treatment and steel material of anti high temp and anti corrosion so that the service life will be dramatically expanded.
The newly manufactured spindle of mechanical stamping briquette press is forged from No.45 steel. The formed spindle would be plated with Cr to stabilize the strength and tenacity of the spindle and to go effectively with abrasive resistance.
The mechanical stamping briquette press possesses dual-time pressing, the prepressing via the screw feeder and second squeezing via the plunger chip. The high-end bearing with independent lubricating system can assure you a smooth and stable running of the machine. 
Taking into account different attributes of raw materials, we put the design of frequency-convertible motor into practice to facilitate the smoothness of feeding. And clients can based upon specific request choose motor model.
Besides, the mechanical stamping briquette machine consumes less power comparing with biomass pellet mill. Namely, for producing 1 ton briquettes, only 40kw will be put in. The high-strength steel frame can go against continual impact load.

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The mould pore diameter range is varied from 8mm/10mm/12/mm to 50mm/70mm, that is to say, the mechanical stamping briquette machine can be used as a pellet mill to produce pellets as well.

4. Main features of mechanical stamping briquetting press
  • Stable material forming:mechanical stamping design, the use of high temperature and high pressure mechanical stamping principle automatically adjust the pressure angle, so that the raw material is not crowded group, not boring machine, to ensure that the stability of the material forming;
  • Long mold life: alloy steel material processing, triple penetration, vacuum sudden fire abrasive treatment process increase the service life of up to 200-700 tons;
  • High capacity: the equipment can work 24 hours, the average yield is up to 0.8-1.5 tons/hour;
  • High density: the use of mechanical stamping design, molding principle is high-temperature, high-pressure, high-frequency density can be protected so that it is about 1.0-1.3 basically;
  • Simple operation: high degree of automation, less labor, artificial feeding or automatic conveyor feeding;
  • Wide applicability of raw materials: all kinds of biomass straw( sawdust grass, corn silage, wheat straw, corn stalks, straw, peanut vine, soybean straw, leaves, skin and other roughage cottonseed and cotton stalks, shrubs, forest wastes, etc).

Besides mechanical stamping briquetting press, KMEC also provides other kinds of briquette machine, such as screw type briquette machine and hydraulic briquette machine. Customers can choose according to your own raw materials, productivity and production scale. If you are not sure about what kind of briquette machine you should purchase, don't hesitate to contact us. As a professional briquette machine manufacturer with years of experience, we would provide you with professional advice and help you to find the optimum solution based on individual requirements to ensure the maximum profit of customers.
Straw briquette machine
Straw briquette machine refers to the special equipment which compresses biomass materials like straw into efficient, environment friendly fuel or fodder. Finished products of straw briquette machine are being used as fodder or 

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