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Tips of Choosing Charcoal Briquette Press

Charcoal briquette press, namely briquetting machine, can be used to produce biomass briquettes as semi-finished product for charcoal machine or carbonized stove. To produce high-quality briquettes and charcoal, charcoal briquette press should be chosen prudently, or even considered as the key to winning the business. As of now, although the processing technologies of charcoal briquette press tend to be similar, the quality of briquette press is varied from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, we should be capable of differentiating charcoal briquette presses.

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We can take the material pre-treating machine, the dryer as an example. The demands for moisture content of about 13% to 15% put requirements on length of pipeline, diameter of pipe, preservation of heat, airflow volume, air pressures and sucking speed. Statistically, material with moisture content of 40%-50% can be dried just at a time, but it fails to be accomplished due to the change of above-mentioned factors. As a result, material has to be dried for two or even three times, which not only is a waste of time and costs, but also affect the work of charcoal briquette press in the following steps.

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Unfair competitions among briquette press and plant suppliers have been growing even more severely. As a result, the quality of briquette press is ignored, which gets clients trapped into abyss of investment failure. Besides, charcoal furnace is another key of briquette charcoal making. There are more than one way of charring but just two of them are commonly used, namely internal combustion and dry distillation. The carbonization technological process is also varied. But the carbonizing temperature is usually kept about 550 to 600 degrees centigrade. In earthen kiln for charring, the heating time can last for 15 hours while it only takes 2 to 3 hours in mechanical furnace. And the mechanical furnace can assure you a longer initial temperature rising time which benefits the quality of charcoal from briquettes. 

There is another factor that also influencing the charcoal quality, which lies in the density of briquettes from the briquette press. Briquette density affects the briquetting burning. Briquettes with high density tend to have a longer burning time and release more heat. Briquette density is significantly affected by the particle size and moisture content of raw materials. The smaller the particle size is, the higher the density of the briquettes would be. So briquette press exerts a huge impact upon charcoal making.

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Fuel briquettes can be made from readily available waste materials. In urban areas, it can be the sawdust and shredded paper; while in villages and rural areas, they can be made from leaves, grass, coffee and rice husks and other agricultural wastes in many combinations. Waste plastic material can not be used because the plastic gives off toxic gases when it burns. 

Briquetting is the transformation of a powdery or granular material into a larger more convenient size solid product. This is accomplished by compacting the material with a roller press, sometimes in the presence of binding material. The briquettes can be produced with high or low pressure and can undergo mechanical or thermal treatment according to the characteristics of the processed material. The binder is used and the desired end product is complete.

Briquetting is the only way to change a powdery material into a briquette which is suitable for transporting and is energy-saving. As a professional manufacturer of briquette machine  with years of experience, we have the confidence to meet all your production demands and provide you with the best quality and reliable service.


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