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What are the advantages of straw briquette machine?

Straw briquette machine is the biomass briquetting equipment mainly used for processing crop straw, including corn straw, tree branches, forage grass and other stalk biomass raw materials. Straw briquette machine is also called biomass briquette machine. When making briquettes with straw stalk, it should be crushed into the raw material with length of 20 ~ 50 mm and moderate moisture content by straw breaker or rubbing machine and conveyed into the straw briquette machine by the feeding conveyor, and then pressed into briquettes. The section area of the briquette is 32 x 32 mm and the density is 0.6 ~ 1.0g/cm3, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The straw briquettes produced overcame the weakness of light weight, large volume, easy to be affected by the weather and other external conditions, and satisfied the requirement of commercialization.

straw briquette machine

Corn straw and bean straw are commonly used to press feed, which is called the "compressed biscuit" of ruminant. Straw briquettes can also be used as fuel to make the raw materials more widely used. It should be noticed that the raw materials can not musty when making fodder, and pay attention to the dust removal in the windy and sandy areas. Wind drying should be made after briquetting to reduce the humidity below 15%. It is relatively easy to make fuel without thinking about mildew and dust removal.

At present, the market prospect of folder is still promising, because a large part of the masses of farmers is still in the process of cognition. With the expanding of straw briquette feed industry, there will be more farmers using briquette feed, which can fundamentally change the way of feed storage in winter that the commodity chains of straw briquettes would be more thick and fluid from production to consumption.

The demand for biomass briquette machine in biomass industry is huge because of biomass power generation. As the development and improvement of biomass industry, the briquette fuel would be the dominant of biomass fuel. This is because its combustion value of unit volume is higher, the storage area of raw materials can be reduced, and the fireproofing grade would be lower as well.

Our company provides the complete set of equipment for straw briquetting that the the raw materials of a certain size can be extruded into briquette feed or fuel continuously and automatically under certain pressure, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

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