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The breakthroughs in technology pushing biomass fuel utilization to a new high

The breakthroughs in technology pushing biomass fuel utilization to a new high

Over the past few years, biomass fuel production and development of biomass treatment equipment have taken the brunt of many setbacks and proceeded impressively. Government guidelines, technological innovations, market exploitation, equipment improvement and upgrading and business models have achieved substantial progress. Actually, we here discuss mainly about advancement in the professional technology.

The issue of swift abrasion: the mold of briquette machine is made from material with highly abrasive resistance so that service life is prolonged at a time. According to tests, the prolonged service life can save you at least 1/4 maintenance costs than before.

The issue of being combined with upstream and downstream industries: as we can tell industrial production of biomass fuel has been developed for decades, with much experience amassed already. However, we should also keep clear mind that an integrated industry is subject to perfection due to the lack of synergized links. Therefore, we need to make concerted efforts to align up raw material collection, biofuel production, storage, transportation, logistics and market to get a dynamically organic connection of biomass fuel to come true.

For instance, an overwhelming amount of biomass material from woods and agriculture residue are still wasted or given less play. The problem remains prominent across the African continent. However, in stark contrast, biomass raw materials are thoroughly used relatively because of the skyrocketing prices of fossil fuel and air pollution issues haunting their further development. Even though the European and North American markets of biomass fuel such as briquettes, charcoal, pellets are comparatively mature, yet they have to confront another two challenges, namely, biofuel storage and logistics.

Some people are even stunned by the fast growth of biofuel market across the whole Europe and North America. Also just over the past few years, infrastructures and facilities in some Northern Europe countries have been set up prudently and systematically. Norway and Sweden, the two giants of biofuel industry, pioneer the perfection of biomass fuel and utilization. Biomass fuel stations have been established in the Northern European region. Apart from that, the transformation of fuel and energy has been undergoing smoothly, with the biomass fuel accounting for the major part there. To date, the course of comprehensive use of biomass energy has spanned across European continent, with Germany as the forerunner.


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It, different from crusher with cutterhead, is popular with pulverizing tree trimmings, straw, wood chips and other materials with diameter of not more than 50mm. Powder from the pulverizer can stand at 3-5mm in fineness.

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