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Ring die straw briquette machine

The straw briquette machine, also called biomass briquette machine, can be used to briquette stem biomass, which should be first crushed into materials with length of 20 ~ 50 mm and moderate moisture content using the straw cutter or rubbing machine and then enter the briquette machine through the feeding conveyor. The materials would be processed into briquettes with density of 0.6~1g/cm3, which is convenient for transportation and preservation. The straw briquettes produced overcome the weakness of light weight, large volume, easy to be affected by external conditions of the straw itself and meet the requirements of commercialization. Corn and bean straw are often used to make feed, which is called the "compressed biscuits" for ruminants. The straw briquettes can also be used as fuel with more  briquetting materials. When briquetting feed, we should pay attention that the raw materials can not mildew and remove the dust in sandy areas. Dry the briquettes to make the moisture reduced to less than 15%. Fuel briquetting is relatively easy, for there is no need to consider the mildew and dust removing.

Ring die straw briquette machine

1. Horizontal structure with large pressure wheel and belt transmission.
2. The feeding screw and pressing wheel rotate synchronously, forced feeding in place and most suitable for straw, grass and other light and loose materials.
3. The complete sets of equipment include: the briquette machine, mixer, feeding conveyor, discharging conveyor and distribution box.
4. Application: centralized or decentralized production, dedicated to light and loose materials like straw and grass. Both feed briquette and fuel briquette can be produced.
The special design of briquette machine can be made according to customer's requirements with different materials and processing conditions.


Straw Briquette Machine and Biomass Briquette Plant
Kingman boasts the best supplier and manfuacturer of straw briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.The use of straw in large-scale biomass power plants is becoming mainstream in the EU, with several facilities already online. The straw is either used directly in the form of bales, or densified into pellets which allows for the feedstock to be transported over longer distances.

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