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The Development of Biomass Energy and Utilization of Biomass Material

The challenges to comprehensive use of agricultural straw and stalk in a sustainable way confront us urgently in light of the deterioration of environment quality and waste of natural resources. Fortunately, the technology has come to maturity and more and more people come to realize the importance of overall utilization of the abundant resource and fuel endowed to us by the Mother Nature. Since we have achieved meaningful breakthrough in energy transformation, the priority now facing us goes to popularization and industrialization of biomass energy, led by biofuel. There is no denying that agro straw and stalk, as the bond to get an industrial chain of biomass utilization formed, possess huge potential of value enhancement.

Matter of fact, the traditional solution to handle the biomass material was to burn it in the open air. Alternatively, the material was sold at a lower price yet labor costs and transportation fee had to be deduced. As a result, the initiative and enthusiasm of owners of biomass material or landlord of farmers were dampened due to the little payback they could expect from collection of biomass waste. In this way we don’t actually capitalize upon the resource thoroughly. Besides, we can still see a vast part of the material is scattered arbitrarily across rural areas worldwide. Due to the low density and perishable character, the material is ignored.


We have accomplished in the efficient use of stalk and straw yet we also should see the low level of renewable energy transformation. Across the whole China, our recycled use of it still lags far behind that in Europe and North America. In stark contrast, the scale generation and utilization of biomass have come to light all over Europe and North America. Aside from that, biofuel has been industrialized to boost the market competitiveness and maximize proceeds rendered from the renewable energy. What is worth mentioning is that government policy support and state subsidies are also the driving force to the biofuel development by leaps and bounds. As we can tell from the transformation of energy structure and upgrading, Europe and North America have nursed leading enterprises to drive the industry to a new high.
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The grim global issues of skyrocketing consumption of fuel fastening and straining the reservation of fossil fuel as well soaring greenhouse gas emissions have turned out that the replacement of biomass energy is an irreversible trend, an important way to curb the fast pace of global climate change and to the control of pollutant discharge. However, the global use of biofuel is still unbalanced. Compared to the relatively high proportion of wind energy and solar power, biomass material does possess much more potential thanks to the extensive distribution and low costs to obtain, not to mention its favorable features of more safety and simple utilization. We should attach more importance to the comprehensive use of biomass, not only to obtain more proceeds but also to take part in the environment protection. 

How to judge the quality of die in straw briquette machine
To make a high quality straw briquette machine, the die of high quality is the first thing to consider. As we know, the press roller and die in straw briquette machine play an important role during the briquetting process, so we should pay more attention in the choice of press roller and die in straw briquette machine to ensure the high quality of briquetting.
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Rice Husk Briquette Machine and Briquette Plant

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