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The advantages for you to start a biomass briquette making and charcoal manufacturing production line

The advantages for you to start a biomass briquette making and charcoal manufacturing production line
The investment in a briquette making machine and charcoal production line depends upon the wide use of biomass briquette fuel and charcoal, therefore, the marketing of the low-carbon and environment-friendly renewable fuel remains favorably easier with quite specific aims. We hereby elaborate upon the advantages of the green briquette fuel.

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1. The high calorific value of up to 4000kcal/kg of biomass briquettes will ramp up to 7000-8000kcal/kg after the process of carbonization.
2. The high purity of the fuel will lead to quite low impurity after being combusted, with low ash content and super low moisture content, free from coal gangue, which remains in favor of low investment of pretreatment.
3. The biofuel due to the trait free from sulfur and phosphor can protect boilers from corrosion to prolong service life of equipment on the one hand and on the other pollutant emissions such as sulfur dioxide and phosphorous pentoxide will not occur, with others lowered dramatically.
5. The labor costs will be reduced yet the working conditions improved.
6. Offscourings and dreg after combustion will be produced in a quite low volume so that the treatment cost can decrease a lot. Moreover, the ash and dreg boasts a supreme-quality organic potash fertilizer which can be recycled.


The multi-edges of the sustainable fuel will be the best options for you to promote the marketing. The tendency of fuel transformation will fancy the development of biomass processing. Your possession of rich biomass material will form up the stockpile of wealth for you after your investment of a briquette and charcoal production plant.

Kingman boasts the best supplier and manfuacturer of straw briquette machine and biomass briquette plant.The use of straw in large-scale biomass power plants is becoming mainstream in the EU, with several facilities already online. The straw is either used directly in the form of bales, or densified into pellets which allows for the feedstock to be transported over longer distances.

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Classification of straw briquetting machine

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