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How to improve the combustion quality of machine made charcoal?

The longer the machine made charcoal burns, the better the quality. Charcoal with longer burning time is more popular in the market, which can also promote the rapid development of briquette machine for sale. However, in the actual production process, the burning time of machine made charcoal produced by high-quality briquette machine for sale varies. Then, what determines the burning time of machine made charcoal?

machine made charcoal and briquette machine for sale

Actually, the burning time of charcoal produced by briquette machine for sale is determined by raw materials and the process of carbonizing. Generally, the calorific value is higher when the carbon content of machine made charcoal is high. Meanwhile, the contact surface area of machine made charcoal with air should also be small to extend the burning time. The surface here refers to the outer surface of the material and the internal pores.

Methods for improving the burning time of machine made charcoal:
1. To improve the briquetting pressure of the briquette machine for sale in briquette production line and improve the density and strength of briquettes.
2. The final carbonizing temperature of carbonizing furnace should be increased, and lower the speed of heating and cooling to make the finished products have high density and high hardness.

The machine made charcoal produced by briquette machine for sale is environmentally friendly fuel and consistent with the national sustainable development strategy, so it has been widely used in many industries and has been recognized by the market. The following is the application of charcoal produced by briquette machine for sale.
1. Efficient utilization of carbonizing product: apart from being used as fuel, there has been a preliminary study on the new application of charcoal produced by briquette machine for sale, such as adsorption material, sound insulation material, electromagnetic shielding materials, etc.
2. Environmental purification material: with the rapid development of industrial economy, environmental pollution caused by the waste and toxic substance in the air and water has been increasingly serious, among which water pollution is one of the important aspects. People often use the method of precipitation, ion exchange and solvent extraction technology to remove the harmful composition in aqueous solution or gas. Because the machine made charcoal has similar mesh structure and high specific surface area to that of the activated carbon, and the production cost is cheaper than activated carbon. Thus, the applied research and development of machine made charcoal in the field of environmental purification has been given a lot of attention.

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