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Right debugging of new purchased briquette machine can extend its service life

After purchasing a new briquette machine, people would make a debugging of briquette machine first to see if the function of briquette machine is normal and make preliminary production testing. While some customers would process materials directly after receiving the machine. On the one hand, they want to look at the functionality of the briquette machine; on the one hand, they could observe the discharge condition to make the briquette machine into the production status rapidly. However, it may bring unnecessary loss for the customers to start the briquette machine and put it into production without knowing the briquette machine quite well. In the following content, we summarized about the right way of debugging and using of briquette machine in order to help new customers can extend the service life of briquette machine.

debugging of briquette machine

Right debugging methods of new purchased briquette machine:
1. To ensure that all link screws of briquette machine are fastening, especially the top three inside the heating tube.
2. After installation of briquette machine, check all the lubrication part of wood crusher machine, air dryers and other equipment and filling gear oil to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
3. Turn on the power supply of the main-control box and install the standard safe wiring. Do not start the briquette machine rashly. No-load running can be made for three to five minutes, and see whether there is any abnormal phenomenon such as blocking, colliding, etc. If not, then you can put the briquette machine into normal production. Once the above situation appears, you should immediately stop and check the briquette machine to eliminate the malfunction completely.
4. The new equipment should be heated up slowly. Start the machine and feed materials with the temperature rises.
5. In the process of feeding, remember not be too fast. You can stop the briquette machine after working normally for 30 minutes, which shows that the commissioning has been successful and the briquette machine can be put into normal production.

The five points above seem to be simple operation, it can help new customers to control over the use of sawdust briquette machine and prolong the service life of briquette machine. Long-term persistence is needed to ensure the safe production safety of briquette machine.

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