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Maintenance of wood crusher

Although materials wood crusher processed are plant materials with low hardness, over time the impact to the cutting head is very obvious. In order to make the wood crusher work better, we need to do regular maintenance for the wood crusher.

Wood Crusher
1 The first thing we need to do is to check the blade of the wood crusher regularly in order to find whether the blade need be polished or not. If the blade is used normally, it should be polished in every 15 days.
2 Cleaning of wood crusher: long-term use of wood crusher will result in the accumulation of dust on the part of the machine, which will reduce the efficiency and the molding rate in the long run. Therefore, regular cleaning can keep the wood crusher in the best state;
3 Generally, the wood crusher need to be maintained once a week and the overall maintenance should be made every month. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of wood crusher. 
The above are some points and notices about the routine maintenance of wood crusher, we hope it helpful for your future use of wood crusher.


CPFSJ hammer mill
It, different from crusher with cutterhead, is popular with pulverizing tree trimmings, straw, wood chips and other materials with diameter of not more than 50mm. Powder from the pulverizer can stand at 3-5mm in fineness.

Sawdust briquette machine  Wood Briquette Machine

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