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Correct maintenance of motor in operation

In the normal operation of briquette machine, the operating personnel usually judge the operation of the motor by meticulous observation and sensitive hearing and smell. The following are the correct maintenance methods of the motor:

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1. The temperature of the motor during normal operation of briquette machine should not exceed the allowable limit, operators of the briquette machine should often pay attention to monitor the temperature rise of each part.
2. Monitor whether there is load current of motor. When motor failure occurs, the stator current would increase dramatically, which would make the motor overheating. In the charcoal machine production line of mass production, when a high-power electric motor is adopted, there should be equipped with an ammeter to monitor the load current of the motor. The load current of the motor should not exceed the rated current value specified on nameplate.
3. Pay attention to the smell, vibration and noise of the motor, the winding will send out an insulation scorched flavor due to the excessive temperature. Some failures of briquette machine, especially the mechanical failure, would quickly response to vibration and noise, so when the scorched flavor or abnormal vibration or scratches, especially large "buzzing" sound or other noise is smelt or found, the operator should immediately cut the power and have a check.
4. Check the bearing heating and oil spill condition, change the lubricating oil on a regular basis. Generally, when changing the lubricating oil, clean the bearing and the bearing cover with kerosene, then use the gasoline for cleaning. The grease of rolling bearing should not exceed 70% of the bearing chamber volume.
In addition, the production of any industry is inseparable from the workers' hard work, we should pay attention to production safety when guarantee of good production status at the same time. In the process of the production of mechanical charcoal, carbonizing furnace is the most critical step in the production of finished products. Carbonization is high temperature operation, thus there are a lot of matters needing to pay attention. Only details are noticed, the product quality can be ensured. The materials through high temperature carbonization would reburn easily, thus the finished products should be put outside for cooling of more than 8 hours to prevent the reburn of products. The whole process of material carbonizing is carried out under high temperature, in particular, we should pay attention to the safety of production to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery.

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