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What determines the quality of charcoal?

The quality of charcoal produced by straw briquette machine depends on the raw material itself and the production technology, and the quality of straw briquette machine is also important. Briquette machine is the core of technology of making charcoal. Then, what’s the influence of carbonizing on the quality of the charcoal?

charcoal and straw briquette machine

The speed of carbonizing and temperature rising, the size of the briquettes and carbonizing method directly affect the quality of the charcoal. In rapid carbonizing process of charcoal, sharp exothermic reaction would occur, large amounts of steam would be produced in straw briquette machine and it can not be discharged from the holes of briquettes quickly that crack forms, which would lower the hardness of charcoal. The briquette with higher moisture content is more deformed during rapid carbonizing, and the finished product has lower intensity.

Straw charcoal can absorb the moisture in soil. It can improve the soil temperature and keep the soil moisture sufficient. Thus, it has effective adjustment for environmental protection. In addition, charcoal is also widely used in our daily life. Besides heating, it can also be used for barbecue and hot pot. It produces less odour when burning, the baking food is delicious and has less damage on human body. Straw charcoal also has the effect of deodorization, which can eliminate the peculiar smell produced by domestic animals in the room and has great help for agriculture production.

As a new product, straw charcoal has the advantages of wide application, simple process, stable quality and so on. It is the future trend of development of biomass industry and it has good market potential. The emergence of straw briquette machine plays a decisive role in recycling and increasing the amount of straw briquettes with low price and strong utilizability.

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